I have created this blog so that we can share with all of our family and friends, Christopher's mission experiences that he is, and will be having, over the next 2 years..

We would love to thank all of you who have been such a support to Christopher in everything he has been involved in throughout the years..He would not be who he is today without all the love, support and the examples you have set ; )

Love and big hugs,




Missão Brasil Rio de Janeiro Atualização 9/17/2012

Missão Rio de Janeiro Atualização 9/3/2012

Hi Everyone,

Great news today ........
I got my package this week!!!! Thank you for all the goodies and stuff that everyone sent. I´ll see if I can send photos after writing this email. I think I busted my card reader this last week, maybe it will let me transfer the photos.  The graham-cracker treats were amazing. There was only one problem - my companion has never eaten graham crackers before, and he ended up liking them, so the tub didn´t last us too long :)  (he is talking about the his favorite graham cracker treats that his grandma Snyder introduced him to.. I made them for his bday)  Thanks for the money too. Elder Matos and I both needed new backpacks and scripture covers, so I bought new sets from the mission with some of my birthday money.  Now we´re both matching in the streets, and Elder Matos says that we look stylin´   


A month late but at least he got it!! : )

We´ve been doing alot of things with the ward lately. Eduardo has been an amazing help. There are so many trainings and things to do that it is almost overwhelming at times trying to even think about where you are going to start. We´ve now got all of our 20 ward missionaries on track and doing what they´re supposed to do, and its going to help us do our job a whole lo better.
So happy to see the photos of the Brigham City temple. I´ve been wondereing when they wre going to get done with it, its been in construction ever since I left for the mission. Its such a beautiful temple, and very necessary to relieve the mass of people using the Logan temple. 

Brigham City Temple Open House

Have a great week!
Elder Snyder
 Missão Brasil Rio de Janeiro Atualização 9/10/2012

Hi Everyone,
So, lets recap everything that we did this week...
Tuesday was Mission Counsel. The training was very good this week. President Lima truly has a vision for this mission. There are alot more things that we will be doing as a zone that are being passed down from the area presidency- things that really needed to happen like new zone trainings and meetings and such. For those of you who are counting down, I still have 2 more mission counsels before November, thank you very much :)

Miracles have been happening in our zone this week. We´ve been working on some principles of faith, teaching and helping the other Elders in our zone to all be on the same page. We´ve been learning something lately. The hard part of the work isn´t actually talking with people, teaching people, or walking all day. Its in building faith. Alot of people think that they have faith, when in reality they actually don´t. The more you study about it, the more you can realize that you don´t have true faith, "for true faith can move mountains". The scriptures are literally true on this. The hardest part of working, is lifting and building the faith of the members, leaders, and other missionaries. We´ve been working on this as part of a new goal for the month of September. We had 3 families in church this week because of this. We´ve still got a lot to do though. We´re still preparing for the baptism of Maria José and Francisco, which will be the 29th of September. They will be married and baptized in the same morning.

Thomas´s call - thats sooo awesome! Let him know that I got his letter. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was it? I wont even dare write him a letter, because I know that by the time it gets there, he´ll already be gone. He leaves here in two weeks doesnt he?

September 16~ with Thomas at his Farewell
 Elder Matos says to send a hug to all of you. He has sort of adopted our family, and feels as though he already knows you all. 
Have a great week!
Elder Snyder
Missão Brasil Rio de Janeiro Atualização 9/17/2012
Hi Everyone,

Long week wrapped up here in Engenho. We´ve been working our minds out with a new family that we´ve found, Edmilson & Liliane. They have been progressing really well. Also another new lady who wants to be baptized, Ieda. Yesterday, we lunched at Maria Jose, and Francisco´s house. They are all set to be baptized on the 29th of September.

We´ll be doing a new class to help families who have difficulties. We´ll be doing this class every Thursday, and the purpose will be to find families who live close to the chapel, and who actually want to receive help.

Congratulations on the new job! I know that this was an answer to a lot of prayer and fasting. (Elder Matos says to congratulate his "dad" on his new job, and asks what he will be getting for Christmas this year) :)  (his companion is so awesome and we have adopted him as well!!)

Just so that you know, Rio is a very small place, so there is no difficulty moving around once your here :)  (We are going to Brazil to pick him up so most of this email was telling us where he wants to go).. :)

Finally Made My Cake!  And here is a pic of our zone this transfer :)

We sent him everything to make his bday cake ; )
Eduardo Rodrigues, Elders~Snyder and Matos :)  Pic was tagged to his Facebook by Marcia :)

Elder Snyder